Our monastic community is composed of 4 persons: Fr. Gracian, Fr. Evaristus, Fr. Didacus and Brother Nathanael. Like in every monastic community, every one of us has his functions and duties. Father Gracian is our guardian, i.e. the responsible for the community. Fr. Evaristus takes duties of the Parson, the vicarious of the house and the household keeper.

    Order of Friars Minor has a contemplation-active character. We seek to combine these two realities and to divide time between prayer and labour. Labour means pastoral and manual work. The monastery is placed in a special place, far away from the main road, in the middle of forest, on a charming mountain called „Monastery Hill”. Although it can seem monotonous here, we are not complaining on lack of activities. Guests that visit us take part in days of contemplation or three-day retreat. In addition, we provide pastoral care to the 600 parishioners of the parish of Kadyny. Our convent attracts many young couples who want to have a sacramental marriage here. On the third Saturday of every month, we organize the so-called Vespers or Eucharist ended with a religious service in which we pray for the healing of the soul and body. After, all the participants are invited to the agape for the st. Francis hall.

    Today our whole Order seeks to return to its roots to revive the Franciscan charism and recreate the atmosphere of the first communities. It is above all the transformation of the human heart, which, filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit, will burn with zeal for the growth of religious virtues. Some people are successful in it. There are fraternities living among the poor. There are also traveling communities that wonder from place to place by proclaiming the Gospel and living exclusively from divine providence. However, the climate of the monastery's hills can invoke the atmosphere of the hermitages convoked yet by Saing Francis, of so called Romitoria. In such communities there was a clear division of roles into mother and sons. Brother-mother took care of the temporal needs of the brothers. So this was someone who had more contact with the world. And the sons lived in the greatest isolation. However, after some time there was a change in roles, the sons became mothers. When the convent was experiencing internal crises, it often returned to the idea of ​​romitoria. The life of the friars in these places, very simple and poor, consisting of prayer, penance and study and work, could rebuild spiritually whole provinces. So far, there is no romitorium here, but there are plans to come up. The place is perfect for this.

   We wish, however, that our convent be open to anyone who simply wants to experience the special silence that pervades the hill so as to hear God's voice clearly. Currently we are able to accept 15 people for a three-day retreat. You can also come for an individual day of meditation and meditation with the Word of God. Let the "Monastery Hill" serve all those who are open to the constant search for God in silence and contemplation.

Near by us

Our cloister is located on the Monastery Mount on the edge of the Kadyny Forest Reserve in the Elbląg Upland. It is an area of ​​about 380 square kilometers with the highest peak - "Butter Mountain" (197 m n.p.m.). The edge zone is cliff-like, has moraine hills and dynamic erosion forms that form deep-cut springs with streams flowing down to the Vistula Lagoon. The depth of the valley is initially small, increases very quickly and ranges from a few dozen to over 100 meters at extreme moments.

The Kadyny Forest Reserve was created in 1972 and covers an area of ​​8.11 ha. It is a valuable example of a park-forest protected area, strongly linked to natural forest systems. It combines the features of the natural forest communities and the English park established a few years ago. There are 91 species of plants in the reserve, including 23 species of trees and shrubs.