On the 100th anniversary of conclusion of Fatima Revelations

with presence of priests, pilgrims and guests from Poland and abroad

on our Franciscan hill in Kadyny

On Friday, 13 October 2017.


Dear Brother, Dear Sister!

We cordially invite you and everybody whomever you can invite to come to us
on Friday, 13 October 2017., to pass this extraordinary and important day
under guidance of Father James Manjackal MSFS, a Missionary of Mercy from India
in the spirit of penitence and propitiation for sins.

Have the will to pray with us for the still so endangered PEACE
and this way partake in fulfilling the wish of The Most Holy Mother.


Points of the day:

  • Rosary
  • Occasional conferences of Fr. James Manjackal MSFS
  • Holy Mass with sermon
  • Prayer for peace and penitence for sins that hurt the Immaculate Heart of Mary and sins against dignity of man and woman, primacy of fatherhood, sanctity of life and indissolubility of marriage.


We are also preparing for The Great Kadyny Penitence and Prayer for Peace through:

  • FATIMA DAY, for which we invite to our church
    on Friday 13 May 2017r.
    (more information in the Current Issues menu)
  • propitiatory prayer for sins against dignity of man and woman, primacy of fatherhood, sanctity of life, indissolubility of marriage, to which we invite on each second Friday of every month to the church of Cistercian Friars dedicated to Holy Mother, the Queen of Polish Crown in Gdansk-Oliva
  • individual and community prayer, for which we do request you solemnly, Dear Brother and Dear Sister.


We request you to print out the prayer and to pass our request to join it to everybody whoever wants and support our common task of penitence and peace:

Prayer for good preparation, passing and fruits of

        We Entrust the only God in Holy Trinity, through mediation of our Immaculate Mother Mary – Queen of Peace, through intercession of Saint John Paul II – Pilgrim of Peace, of the saints of the Seraph Order with Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, the patron saint of the parish and of our Holy Patrons, Angels and Archangels the preparation, the very moment and fruits of the GREAT KADYNY PENITENCE AND PRAYER FOR PEACE,  that will take place
in the monastery of Franciscan Friars in Kadyny on 13 October 2017
on 100th anniversary of Fatima Revelations conclusion.

        We entrust the local bishop, Jacek Jezierski, provincial of Province of St. Francis, Fr Bernard Marciniak OFM, Missionary of Mercy Fr James Manjackal MSFS, who will lead this prayer and every priest, pilgrim and guest that will pray with us, and especially guests from entrusted to Holy Mary – Russia.

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be to the Father…

Dear Brother, Dear Sister!

        We invite you cordially and request you solemnly to pass this invitation to whomever you can, so he prays with this prayer and come to Kadyny on the day of 100th anniversary of beginning of Fatima Revelations,

on Friday 13 May 2017. to pass together THE FATIMA DAY

and during the day of 100th anniversary of Fatima Revelations conclusion,
on Friday, 13 October 2017.


Special invitation is directed to our neighbours
from Kaliningrad and other Russian villages and cities.