Klasztor Braci Mniejszych Franciszkanów
Kadyny 30
82-340 Tolkmicko
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Our cloister is located on the Monastery Mount on the edge of the Kadyny Forest Reserve in the Elbląg Upland. It is an area of ​​about 380 square kilometers with the highest peak - "Butter Mountain" (197 m n.p.m.). The edge zone is cliff-like, has moraine hills and dynamic erosion forms that form deep-cut springs with streams flowing down to the Vistula Lagoon. The depth of the valley is initially small, increases very quickly and ranges from a few dozen to over 100 meters at extreme moments.

The Kadyny Forest Reserve was created in 1972 and covers an area of ​​8.11 ha. It is a valuable example of a park-forest protected area, strongly linked to natural forest systems. It combines the features of the natural forest communities and the English park established a few years ago. There are 91 species of plants in the reserve, including 23 species of trees and shrubs.